Umbrella & Term Life Insurance


If there is one thing that can be guaranteed in life, it is that nothing is guaranteed. Unexpected things occur and it can be difficult to always be prepared to handle what life dishes out. Fortunately, F&T Insurance Agency provides its clients with peace of mind, providing insurance solutions that can help you to be prepared. Umbrella insurance helps to cover things that your current home or auto policy might not fully cover, such as injuries or accidents that occur on your property, a tree that crashes into your neighbor’s car or a severe accident out on the highway.

Speak with your personal insurance agent at F&T Insurance Agency about your current coverage options and policy, or to find out if an umbrella insurance solution might be right for you.


There are many situations when Term Life Insurance can be an advantage to our clients. It can be beneficial when a client needs additional coverage, but also needs to keep costs at a minimum. Term Life Insurance covers a death benefit to a beneficiary that is designated by the client, covering periods of 10 years to 30 years, based upon the desired needs of the client. Some insurance companies have the ability to allow the policy holder to covert Term Life Insurance to a more permanent Whole Life Insurance policy.

Contact a personal insurance agent at F&T Insurance Agency to find out more about Term Life Insurance and to find out if this solution is right for you. We can give you a FREE quote for Term Life Insurance or any of our other life insurance products and solutions.

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