In today’s financial world, it is important to always keep an eye out for ways to reduce the amount of money that you pay out in taxes and fees. F&T Insurance Agency has some solutions that can help you with tax minimizing strategies to help you reduce your tax liabilities and employ strategies that can put more money in your pocket. Our strategies can help you retain liquidity for unexpected life events, while avoiding taxes within the IRS codes, as well as any early withdrawal penalties.

Speak with a corporate insurance agent at F&T Insurance Agency about tax minimizing strategies that may be beneficial to your current or future business structure.



One of the most important ingredients in any successful business is to have a team of employees working on your behalf. F&T Insurance Agency provides solutions to help protect your employees if they get hurt on the job. Accidents can occur any time and anywhere, so it is important to provide your employees with protection that will cover them if they are injured and need to miss work for days, weeks or months to prevent a financial burden. Your business may be held liable for employee on-the-job injuries, so it is important to protect your business from loss of income or lawsuits that could occur.

Contact a corporate insurance agent at F&T Insurance Agency about Workers Compensation solutions and your responsibilities as an employer in the State of Massachusetts.



You might have heard of Income Protection Insurance under another, more popular term known as Disability Insurance. What this type of solution does is to cover you when you are unable to work due to a serious injury or illness. It takes care of everyday bills like your mortgage, car payments, taxes, tuition and other important expenses.

Speak with one of our highly qualified insurance agents at F&T Insurance Agency to learn more about Income Protection or Disability Insurance and to find out if this solution is right for you.



An excellent solution for individuals who are chronically ill or injured, to provide them with the financial support necessary to pay for basic living requirements, such as help with eating, bathing or dressing. This support can be in the home, within the community or at an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. F&T Insurance Agency offers individuals and families solutions with regard to Long Term Care, which can be very beneficial.

Please contact one of our personal insurance agents at F&T Insurance Agency to learn more about our Long Term Care solutions.



If you take care of a loved one who has special needs, you understand how important it is to provide them with all of the care that they require to enjoy life. F&T Insurance Agency has Special Needs Planning solutions that can help you to ensure that your loved one will be properly cared for throughout their life – even if you aren’t there to provide that care for them.

Speak with a personal insurance agent at F&T Insurance Agency to learn more about all of our options available for Special Needs Planning solutions.

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