Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, F&T Insurance Agency understands how every single decision you make today can affect your long term goals. We take into consideration the unique circumstances of each client to help create a truly custom approach to estate planning that will suit their individual needs. As an independent insurance agency, we have a lot of options and solutions for our clients to choose from for their personal insurance needs.

Some of the questions that we can help answer include:

  • What is the current estate tax?
  • Is estate planning available for non-US citizens?
  • What part of your estate is considered taxable?
  • How can you retain liquidity and control while protecting your estate?

Our Southeastern Massachusetts insurance agency can also assist you with solutions, such as tax-reducing strategies, to help reduce your liabilities and allow for gifting and wealth transferring to family members or designated heirs. Our team of highly trained and experienced agents at F&T Insurance Agency can help you learn more about gifting above the annual gift exclusion with investments that will guarantee returns to your heirs.

Contact F&T Insurance Agency by calling 774-319-5656 or visit our location 2 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016 for more information about estate planning and personal insurance in Massachusetts.

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